One specific area such as the forehead, cheeks or the neck may require surgery to bring it into balance with the rest of the face, or all areas of the face may be treated to provide a more youthful appearance. The latest endoscopic techniques are employed where indicated.

Eyelid Reduction

This surgery may be combined with a facelift or performed on its own when indicated.

Nose Reshaping
  This procedure is commonly performed for noses which are out of balance with the rest of the face. Attention is also given to the airways if they are a problem.
Ear Positioning
  A common operation usually left until the child has started school, but not uncommonly done for adults
Breast Surgery
  Now that the breast implant debate is settling down, more women are considering breast augmentation. There are new implants for improved results and each patient is individualised to achieve the optimum outcome. Breast uplifts (mastopexy) can be performed if the breasts have dropped after breast feeding or weight loss. A breast reduction can give significant relief for large, heavy breast that are uncomfortable and restrict activities.
Abdominal Reshaping
  This is commonly performed after childbirth or weight loss and may involve tightening of loose muscles. It may be combined with liposuction.
Liposuction   This is best performed for isolated fatty deposits rather than for an overall weight problem.
Fat Injections   This technique utilises the patients own fat to fill out lips, cheeks, creases or other irregularities.
Facial Injections   These are used to fill out facial and lip wrinkles as well as lip augmentation. Scars can also be injected. Wrinkles can also be softened by an injection to weaken the underlying muscles.
Skin Cancer   Surgery including any necessary reconstruction procedures such as skin grafts and flaps.
Hand Surgery   Particularly post traumatic reconstruction, Dupuytren's disease and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Microsurgery   For reversal of vasectomy and complex reconstructive procedures.
Breast Reconstruction   Following a mastectomy. Includes the use of tissue expansion or flap procedures.
Scar Revision   Following burn or other injury.
Facial Paralysis Reconstruction   For patients with a permanent paralysis from Bell's palsy, tumours or strokes.


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